Firm Profile


Miles Architectural Group

Miles Architectural Group (MAG) is a small full service firm established in 1998 that provides custom residential design services to clients requiring a higher level of design, attention and management expertise. The founding principal of the firm has been creating architecture for the past 20 years and provides services to clients in Nevada and California. The responsibility of this firm is very much about defining and responding to the needs of the client. It is important to not overlook the basic facts, be insensitive, or misinterpret any of the elements that define the project. Having the ability to be a good listener and applying common sense logic is fundamental in designing projects that possess an aesthetic presence, create a sense of place, and that resolve and respond to the clients needs. The development of practical and functional design that compliments our lives and interacts with all of the influences of our surroundings is essential. Emphasizing curious inquiry and having the good sense, courage and respect to listen, give the Architect the power to create architecture that establishes the clients place.


Steven Miles, AIA

Steven Miles is the founder of MAG. He is a licensed Architect in Nevada and California and is responsible for the overall design that MAG produces. His work is defined by the firm’s focus on the construction of new high end residential projects. With his diverse design ability and practical knowledge the clients’ needs are developed into the physical elements that establish the client’s sense of “place.” Steven is excellent in exploring the potentials and possibilities of materials and their interaction with the natural elements around us. This is not only fundamental in defining the uniqueness of each project, but equally important in creating the project’s aesthetic presence. Mr. Miles has architectural design and technology studies from the University of Nevada Reno, with additional architectural studies at Arizona State University. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and NCARB. Mr. Miles also has extensive experience in the design and development of large commercial projects.


Douglas Miles

Douglas Miles joined MAG during its inception in 1998. Doug supports the execution of all of MAG’s project documents and provides on site and office support to the client and contractor during the construction phase. Doug’s practical knowledge and common sense approach to design and detailing compliment the firm and provide an essential contribution to maintaining the firms focus and goals. He is a registered Residential Designer with the State of Nevada.